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My first career was with a retail company, my boss and former Mayor of Dallas once told me that “The customer was not always right, however the customer was always the customer”. He instilled in me that serving the customer was my job and it was easier to keep a customer rather than try to get a customer back after losing them. Retail taught me a lot about customer service and if you were not dedicated to it, you would not be in business long. When the retail company was bought out my family and I looked to our faith for a direction. One day driving down the highway I looked over and saw a man driving a truck with “motivated painter” written on the side in shoe polish. The man looked over at me as I passed and smiled warmly. It was then that I realized it wasn’t about the fancy company car with the big company name on the side, but your true core values and passion about what you do. My passion had always been in landscaping and I had studied and had a thorough knowledge of it. In a world of declining customer service I knew I wanted to start a humble landscape company where I could serve customers and everyday appreciate God’s creations. I named it Mowtivators, because I was motivated to make my business successful on the rock of faith and customer service. Mowtivators has been in business for 9 years, received many awards and continue to stay committed to our customers and building our business on loyalty and quality. I am proud to say we have a lot of customers that have been with us since day one  After all at the end of the day all you have is your good name. We look forward to serving you with this same dedication.
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