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In a time when this does not seem to be important to most companies, it is a top priority to ours. Our customers find our courteous and timely response to all their concerns very refreshing. This attribute of great communication helps us to build happy and lasting relations with our customers.

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Estimates: We provide free estimates for our services, please go to the Contact Us Page to request an estimate via email.

Billing:  We will provide a monthly billing statement on the first business day of the month, sent to you either by email or regular mail, depending upon your preference.  The bill is for any services rendered in the prior month and is due no later than the 10th of the month, since the services have already been completed.  We request that you have a credit or debit card on file to use as an option for paying your monthly bill, to avoid any late charges.  We accept MC, Visa, Discover and AMEX.  A $15.00 late charge will be assessed if payment is not received by the 10th. 

Note:  All Landscaping fees will be due upon completion of the services.
  Sales Tax:  It is a requirement for Mowtivators Lawn and Landscape operating in the state of Texas, to collect and pay state sales tax.  You will notice there are some items on your invoices and statements that are taxable and some that are non-taxable.  These items are determined by Texas state tax laws and are charged accordingly.  While we realize that this increases the cost of your services, these increases are necessary and we encourage you to please go to Window on State Government website to learn more. 

Plant and Tree Warranties:  We offer a 6 month warranty on ornamental shrubs and trees priced more than $50.00 and installed by us.  Every effort must have been made by the home or property owner to maintain the newly planted shrubs and trees and to inform us of any stress or problems immediately (within 48 hours of detection).  This will allow us the necessary amount of time t oremendy any problems before it is too late.  The warranty will not be honored for any shrubs and tress that have been neglected, mishandled, or damaged by acts of nature or the owner.  Unfortunately, we are not able to warranty annual and perennial flowers due to the many variables outside of our control involved in growing and maintaining these items.


Rain Delays:  If the ground is too wet to mow then all mowing activity will be canceled until it stops raining and the ground has dried sufficiently.  Mowing will commence immediately beginning again where interupted.  For example, if your lawn is usually mowed on Monday afternoon and it rains on Monday afternoon, then your lawn will be mowed at the first oppotuntity once mowing commences.  Your lawn may only be skipped in the event that it rains for more than 48 hours.  We will work longer hours and do our best in order to get caught up.  It's important for customers to know that if there has been a rain dely, then you may be mowed later in the day than usual or on the next day instead of your regularly scheduled day. 

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