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Mowtivators provides several different types of services, Click on one of the links below for a detailed description.  For more details, please contact us at 972-529-1088 or email us with your questions. 
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  Basic Service:  As a basic service client you will receive the same quality and despendability as our full service clients.  Your basic service will consist of Mowing (with a mulching mower), Trimming (with a traditional line weed eater), Edging, and the blowing of grass clippings (off of all sidewalks, drives, patios and porches). 

We are committed to high quality service during the peak season of growing lawns.  With the climate of Texas we suggest lawns be mowed from the second week of March until the end of October.  In unseasonably warmer years, we may need to continue mowing into November.  We do not mow in December, January or February.

Since our goal it to mow when needed, we do not recommend bi-weekly mowing during peak season.  The yard grows too fast, looking unkept between mowings and the mulching mowers will leave larger clumps of grass than reasonable for proper mulching.   Back to Top

Full Service:  Our full service program leaves your lawn and landscape "hassle free" with our impeccable service.  How your lawn is maintained is a direct reflection on us, since most of our cliental is obtained through referreals this is very important to us.  Our full service during the peak season (second week of March until the end of October) consists of taking care of your lawn maintenance, chemical applications (fertilizers, pre and post emergents), weed and ant killer as needed, trim and maintain shrubs, and keep beds weeded.   During the dormant time (November through Februrary) you will receive one visit a month to clean leaves, beds and any pruning needed.  This service is an annual commitment with the cost divided equally over 12 months to allow consistent budgeting.  This is our number one program that most homeowner's choose.

Extra services available for Basic or Full Service Customers:

  • Mulch - we do not just lay mulch in the beds, we clean the beds and make sure they are prepped for mulch installation
  • Tree Trimming - we not only trim or raise trees, but professionally trim tress for proper growth and to create a beautiful canopy for your yard
  • Planting Services - Installation of annuals and perennials.  Our service professionals are available to discuss any questions you may have concerning varities and quantities.
  • General Clean-up - One time or initial clean up is available
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  Landscape Design and Installation:  We will bring you impeccable service by beginning your design stage with a personal meeting with our professional landscape designer.  Whether you are starting a design from scratch or renovating your existing landscape, we will be there to offer suggestions and consult.  We will work to meet you landscape choices and your budget.  Our designer will provide you with an estimate for you landscape project based upon the choices, budget and suggestions discussed.  This is available at no cost.

We also offer a complete landscape design rendition of your project, using state of the art software that allows us to create your personalized design so that you can get a better idea by viewing the project outcome.  This allows us to make changes to the design before beginning the project so that it meets all of your needs.  This option is great for those who need a more visual picture of the project.  You will be provied color printouts as well as a CD with your personalized design, along with a detailed estimate for the project.  This serves entails a $250.00 non-refundable fee, which will be deducted from the installation costs. 
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Chemical Applications:  Our chemical application program includes 8 applications throughout the year. 

  • Two Pre-emergent applicatins, every year starts and ends with a Pre-emergent application, one in the early spring and one in the fall.  This helps to prevent weeds from germinating in your lawn and over time improves your lawn by making it resistent to weed growth.  Note:  these applications do not kill existing weeds.
  • Four Fertilizer applications, spaced out 6 weeks apart during the growing season.  We us LESCO commercial grade products which are highly rated and effective.
  • Two Post-emergent spray applications, for chemical weed control to kill both broadleaf and grassy weeds that are actively growing in your lawn and yard areas.  These treatments must be timed according to the mowing schedule, ground temperatures and overall weather conditions, including wind and rain. 
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  Fencing:  Mowtivators can construct a new fence for you.  We will take care of the tear down and get your new fence contstructed utilizing all compliances as may be specified by HOA's, etc.  We also offer professional staining / sealing of your new fence.  You can request an estimate on our estimates page or call us at 972-529-1088. 
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  Stonework:  Let us complete your outdoor living space with our professional stonework.  Whether it's a patio, pathway, creative stonework borders or mailboxes, it will definitely add to your outdoor space.  We will utilize stone, boulders and masonry to match and compliment existing stonework around your home. 
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  Landscape Lighting:  Landscape lighting can be used in several ways, most commonly for the transition of your landscape from day to night.  Your landscape can come to life at night with creative lighting that showcases it's beauty. 
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  Holiday Lighting:  The holidays are a great time to showcase your home with lights and decor as you celebrate with friends and family.  We offer complete installation of lighting to homes and landscape, including wreaths.  We will meet with you and diagram for proper installation.  For new holiday lighting customers, we will purchase the lights, cords, wreaths, etc. and install.  The cost also includes taking down the lighting and boxing it up for the next year.

If you purchase the lighting equipment from us and utilize our service year to year, we will make sure that all bulbs and cords remain in working condition for as long as we install.  Replacement for lost, stolen or improperly stored equipment and decorations will not be covered.

We begin scheduling holiday light installations in October and start installations in mid November until mid December.  Takedown will begin after New Year's and will be completed as soon as possible, no later than the end of January. 
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